Wineol – Red Wine developer

Niklas Rühl posted a picture in our Facebook Group of a negative developed in Wineol, an alternate devolper that is made out of Red Wine, Washing Soda and Vitamin C. The whole process and some really nice pictures can be seen on his website. The site is in German,so here is a google translation. I knew already that it is possible to mix up other developers which are based on Washing Soda and Vitamin C, but never really had the interest to try it. But as I did some enlargements recently, why don’t try it as a paper developer. That said I took the cheapest Red Wine I have and mixed up some developer. As I always use plenty of Vitamin C in my recipes, I used the following formula:

  • 400ml Red Wine (just any Red Wine will do)
  • 40g of Washing Soda
  • 10g of Vitamin C

The results are interesting. And there is plenty of room for experimenting and improvement. Here you can see a side by side print of a negative-scan and the Wineol developed printed paper: As you can see, it gives a nice brownish, violet toning to the paper, my print is way overexposed, it almost looks like a duotone picture. When I have a bit more time, I will go back and try to properly expose this and see how it looks like then. I have recorded the whole process on video, so if you ever wondered, how my darkroom looks like, or in which direction I stir my developer, here you have 10 minutes with me in the maybe smallest Full-Equiped Darkroom you have ever seen.

  Here are the scans from the prints that I made in the Video:

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