Film Development Chart

The following times are guidelines and depend on many factors, like type of coffee, washing soda and Vitamin C used. If you have different results with the values shown here, please let me know and we will work out the difference.
If you click on the Film type, you will be taken to a post with an example picture if available.

Color/B&W?Film TypeISORecipeDevComments
BWIlford Delta 400400Delta-STD09:00
BWIlford Delta 32003200Delta-STD12:00
BWIlford HP5 Plus400Delta-STD10:00
BWIlford PANF 5050Delta-STD07:45High Contrast
ColorKodak Gold 200200Delta-STD11:00
ColorKodak Porta 160 NC160Delta-STD11:00
ColorFujicolor 16001600FCA30:00very dense
BWORWO PAN 100100Delta-STD11:00quite grainy
BWKodak TMAX 400400Delta-STD11:00
BWAgfa Copex Rapid32Delta-MICRO17:00Very high contrast
BWLucky SHD 100100Delta-STD14:00
BWFomapan 400400Delta-STD12:00

film time processing chart