The Delta Recipe (Delta-STD)

My Favourite B&W Film is Ilford Professional Delta 400 for the moment. I really like the grain shape of this film: soft and round.

Whenever I plan to do Caffenol Development, I overexpose the Film by 1/2 or stop, but that’s just me. As usual on negative film: Expose for the shadows. I will not go too deep into Zone Metering, but maybe it is worth mentioning it from time to time.

The things you need, supposing you have developed film before, are:

  • Instant coffee with caffein
  • washing soda
  • Vitamin C powder, or tablets

I mix Coffee and Soda seperate, as it makes it easier to see if the Soda is completely dispersed.
150ml Water, 6 rounded Teaspoons Instant Coffee (15 grams)
200ml Water, 4 leveled Teaspoons Washing Soda (8 grams)
Mix all together, add 1 Teaspoon of Vitamin C (7 grams)

Let solution stand for about 5 minutes to clear microbubbles.

9:00 minutes at 20 degrees, fix and rinse as usual.

“Balconies” Leica M6, 35mm f2, Ilford Delta 400