Caffenol goes Astrophotography

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There is not so much happening here at the moment, because I have bought too many cameras in the last weeks and need to finish all the films.

But I am quite excited about one event that will take place next week. We will head towards Sudelfeld and shoot at about 1700 meters height. And will shoot the stars. Mostly digital Cameras will be used, but I will take some analog equipment with me to shoot star trails throough the whole night. And to add some crazyness, I will of course then develop the whole lot of films in caffenol.

Currently I have planned the following setup:

  • Canon EOS 3000N with 28mm/f3.5 for some widefield trails on Ilford Pan 50
  • Zorki 4k with 50mm/f2 for 1 shot of the peak through the whole night on Ilford HP5
  • Agfa clack on TMAX 400 for shooting our setup. (Yes, sometimes we are VERY oldschool)
  • Pentax K10D with 24mm/f2.5 for shooting the Milky Way
  • Olympus PEN-EP2 with 500mm/f8 for Planet hunting. (HD Video shoot and stack)
  • Canon EOS 350D IR with 28mm/f2.8 for IR shots
  • Canon EOS 450D with ‘Russentonne’ 1000mm/f10.5 for Planet hunting

To give you an idea, here are some shots from the last shooting:

wish us luck 🙂


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Felix · February 25, 2012 at 11:11 am

How did your experiment work out? I want to see all the pictures you took with your cameras listed in your post 😉

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