Caffenol as paper developer

Caffenol-C in all variants makes a wonderful developer for negative film and if used carefully, it can be used for nearly any film speed and a lot of different films. So far I have found one (1) film, that fails in Caffenol: Rollei Retro 400. But this might have been just my fault, so I have just bought a few rolls of this film to make further experiments.

There are not so many examples about using caffenol as a per developer, so I had to try it. Mainly because I had no print developer to hand when my darkroom was built. And as I had no film to develop and I was sorting my negatives, I thought I give it a try.

I was not even expecting an image, as it was the very first run with the enlarger. I did no test stripe, I guessed the exposure time and I was using a long expired paper. I was really surprised that something appeared on the paper shortly after I dropped the paper into the developer. As recipe I used my standard delta recipe which I mixed up directly in the tray just because I had nothing else available at this time.

So here is the resulting picture for your pleasure:

Another one from a color negative, taken in croatia. Paper is a no name grade 5 paper:

On paper you really can see the brownish tone from the coffe, which I find really pleasing.

I will definitely try some more caffenol on paper to adjust the ingredients. What I have noticed is that the developer doesn’t last so long, so you have to be quick in enlarging.

If you have already more experience with using caffenol as a paper developer, feel free to share your results.