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Developing 35mm film in caffenol works. No doubt. There are very little films that do not develop in caffenol. If you stay away from these and mostly scan your pictures, you will be fine. With any caffenol-recipe that you can find on the internet you will in the end see a picture on the negative. It might be foggy, dense, underdeveloped, but seeing something that works and something that you made yourself is always amazing. Film is not dead!

Also not dead is the scene of 8mm motion picture film enthusiasts out there. Developed by Kodak Eastman during the great depression and released on market in 1932 it’s goal was to create a less expensive home movie format then 16mm. More Information about 8mm fim can be found at Wikipedia.

In our caffenol Facebook group there are some of those 8mm enthusiasts that also share the love of self developing film in alternative chemicals.

Today we feature Niklas Rühl, a shortfilm maker, 12-string-guitar player and electronics lover from Hesse, Germany. From him I had the idea of developing prints in Wineol.

Niklas took his Minolta XL-Sound 64 and loaded it with 1993 expired Kodachrome 40 Film. He overexposed the shots (takes) by 2 stops, which is also something I do when using long expired film. As there is no lab that can develop Kodachrome in color anymore, the only road to go is black and white. Niklas mixed up some Caffenol-C-M and developed it for 12 minutes at 23° C. every 30 seconds he twisted the wheel on the Lomo Tank.

The resulting movie shows all the things I love: Coffee, Music and Black and White Pictures. But here you see 18 black and white pictures per second, so there is even more to love in his result.


Both Thumbs Up for you, Niklas, that really looks promising. I like the contrasty look, and really appreciate that you share your work with us. Maybe we need a motion picture section soon here at

Do it like Niklas! If you have something to share, feel free to give me a shout using the contact form. Also check in to our Facebook group, post pictures, discuss recipes or just make new friends from all over the world.


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Super 8 und Caffenol | NR Blog · July 24, 2012 at 6:34 am

[…] Wie ich mehrfach erfolgreich feststellen konnte, eignen sich nicht nur Kleinbild- und Mittelformatfilme für die Entwicklung in Caffenol – auch Super 8 verträgt sich hervorragend damit. Zumindest eine Schwarzweiß-Negativentwicklung plus Abtastung hat echtes Potential. Und ein fast 20 Jahre abgelaufener Kodachrome-40 wird meines Erachtens nach sogar noch feinkörniger als mit Rodinal. Dirk Essl beschäftigt sich auf seinem Blog mit den vielen Facetten des Kaffee-Entwicklers und hat auch über meine Erfahrungen bezüglich Schmalfilm geschrieben: Coffee in motion! […]

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