The Caffenol Cookbook & Bible

The Caffenol Cookbook & Bible is a project by the fabulous large format photographer Bo Sibbern-Larsen who got eight other photographers together to write a book about caffenol. It’s a free book, currently only available online.:

The book is under constant development, so you will find quite some things that change from time to time – visit to visit. This is all done in our effort to serve you the finest and latest cutting edge Caffenol recipes from around the globe.

I am honoured to be part of this project and hope it helps to make more people addicted to caffenol just as we all are.

“We” are:

Bo Sibbern-Larsen

Reinhold G

Mike Overs

Eirik Russel Roberts

John Nanian

John Caradies

Gerald Figal

Martina Woll

Dirk Essl