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As I am pretty confident with Ilford Delta Professional 400 now, let’s switch to another Film, which is quite popular in the B&W scene as well: Ilford HP5 Plus 400

Ilford HP5 Plus

As I want to ensure to have correct exposure on my first Roll, I decided to use my Canon EOS 3000N.
But to add some fun value to it, I mount the Hartblei Super-Rotator 65/f3.5 onto the Camera:

HP5 Plus, Canon 3000N, Hartblei Super Rotator

HP5 Plus, Canon 3000N, Hartblei Super Rotator

The camera meters when in AV mode, which is enough for me, as using the Super Rotator wide open is a pleasure. I plan to develop the first Roll tomorrow, so hopefully I find enough interesting subjects to shoot.


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