more Kodak Porta 160 NC

I went to a Photo fair the other weekend and bought another, small camera that I always had an eye on: The Olympus XA. It is in excellent condition, came with the A11 Flash and a small bag. It had already batteries installed and as I always carry a Film canister with some film with me, it was obvious to put it in: 36 Exposures of 2007 expired Kodak Porta 160 NC. A wonderful color film, that comes out great in caffenol. The XA has only full ISO stops, so I dialed in ISO 200 and began shooting. I immediately fell in love with the little rangefinder. the aperture setting is in a bit weird place, but very nice to operate. Maximum shutter speed is 1/500s. so medium speed Film is ideal for this camera. So lean back and have a look on the pictures:

As usual, I scan in color, do auto levels and if I like the color, I leave it and otherwise convert to B&W. So that’s where the strange color shifts come from.

This film is already in the Film Development Chart and other examples of this film in caffenol can be seen in the posts ‘Goodbye Leica’ and ‘Neutral Color in B&W’. If you have used this film and want to share your love with caffenol, please contact me and we will spread the love.