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I cleaned up my camera cabinet yesterday and stumbled upon my Action sampler camera where I remembered I shot some film with already. My Action sampler is a no name model, but is better than the one from Lomography in so many ways: It has a proper viewfinder, it is not as ugly and it was only 2 EUROS, new. Not in a nice box as from Lomography, but hey it’s not the boxing that takes pictures.

It’s a whole lot different to take pictures  with this camera, as static things just don’t work. Either your subject or yourself has to be moving to get decent results. As you can see by my pictures, I have not yet mastered this little cam.

The real fun is the easy handling of the camera. You just have to remember the rules that your mom told you when she handed her camera to you:

  1. Outside is Ok
  2. Inside is bad as the Flashlight has empty batteries
  3. The sun must be in your back
  4. keep fingers and strap away from the front.

It was that easy these days. Four simple rules.

So now let’s have a look at the pictures. Banned on Kodak Porta 160 NC (ISO 400 Film is preferred), developed in Caffenol-C using the Delta Recipe.

I am quite sure you have a whole lot better example then I have. I f you want to share images made in an Action Sampler, feel free to contact me.


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