Matchbox Pinhole & Caffenol

Caffenol Reader and Lomography member Hana ( sent us her results of a matchbox pinhole camera. Instructions how to build one can be found at

Hanas Matchboxpinhole camera

Hana is from Slovakia and uses vitamin c from DM drogeri, an unknown coffee brand and “kalcinovaná sóda na pranie”, a local soda product.

Below is a selection of her pinhole photos, all wonderful examples how beautiful pinhole photography can be:

Hana has provided her recipe, which I shameless copy here for your information:

The recipes I used, for FOMAPAN 100 (actually the film used was ilford 100) it was following:
17,5 tsp of coffee
11 tsp of soda
1 tsp of vitamin C
1 L of distilled water
we did not measure the temperature and developed approximately 10 min. 1st minute was agitation and then agitation every 30 s five revolutions.

for FOMAPAN 200 I used:
16 tsp of coffee
8 tsp of soda
2 g of vitamin C (it was approximately 1/4 tsp)
1 L of distilled water
I think that this recipe was from digital truth and was written to develop 12 min at 25 degrees, I developed it 14 min at 23 degrees.

Thank you, Hana for sharing your wonderful pinhole pictures with us, I will for sure build a matchbox pinhole camera.
More pictures from Hana can be found on Picasa.

If you want to show your caffenol images here on, want to share your knowledge, or (even unsuccessful) results of your experiments, feel free to give me shout using the contact form.