Found film

On a recent flea-market I bought a Revue 35CC with some Film inside for very, very little money. The camera had a stuck shutter, so I took the half exposed film out and cleaned the camera. Fresh batteries and voila, the little Revue is alive again. I developed the film in caffenol (what else), a Kodak Gold 200. The last two frames where really interesting, as they show the inside of a camera shop, supposing the owner bought a new camera on this date. He forgot to take out the film, though. If you recognize the place or the little kid, please give me a shout 🙂

Yes, I should have rewashed this film.

As this film was most probably  expired a loooong time ago, and it’s not sure, how the film has been stored, I would not take these pictures as examples for developing Kodak Gold in Caffenol. Nevertheless I have put it into the Film development chart until I have better defined examples for this film.