Stars galore!

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So we finally found a day, where there are clear skies and packed our car with some Equipment. As Wolfgang bought a new 200mm Newton Telescope, we didn’t take too much Photography Equipment as we would be really busy enjoying the view of Saturn through a 8mm Ocular. But I left the shutter open for 4 hours on my Zorki 4. I think I can be proud of a shot of startrails, that is not boring 🙂 Ilford HP5 Plus Developed in Caffenol-C+ (3x Vitamin-C to decrease grain).

Zorki 4, Ilford HP5 Plus, 4hours Exposure

We did shoot a lot digital, of course, I did mainly wide field shots on a motorized EQ4 mount:

Pentax K10D, 18mm, 336sec Exposure

And finally all worthy shots together with some candies 🙂


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