Harmony Recipe

Josh Harmon was kind enough to share his caffenol recipe and sent me two nice pictures, developed in caffenol. They show how flexible caffenol is, and that there is enough room for experiments.
The films he tried are Arista EDU 100 (fomapan 100) and an old TMAX 100:

Locked Gate, Arista EDU 100

Pinole Car Show, TMAX 100

He was out of  photo-flo and tried using an ethyl alcohol and water mix, which did not work. The Arista EDU shots are good though.

Here is his recipe together with his instructions:

20oz Water (Tap is ok)
6.25 tsp Na2CO3 (Washing Soda)
10 tsp Instant Coffee (Must be regular)
2.5 g L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C (Tablets ok))

  1. Pour 2 glasses with 10oz of water each, while stirring dissolve the washing soda in one and the coffee and vitamin C in the other.
  2. Load film in tank.
  3. Mix the 2 glasses together, it should be a dark brown color and smell odd, then take the temperature.
  4. Pour into developing tank and continue normally as if it was normal developer.
  5. Fix and dry
  6. Your Done!

Arista EDU 100:  7-8 minutes
Old T-Max 100:  8-9 minutes

NOTE: Some fogging and a slight speed increase will occur.

Thanks, Josh for sharing, I will name the recipe after you, the “Harmony Recipe”

Josh’s website can be found at http://web.mac.com/pbharchitect/JHPhotoArt/