The Delta Recipe Goes Standard.

We have received several comments, that teaspoon measuring is not the preferred way in mixing up your caffenol brew, as it is very inaccurate and ‘1 teaspoon’ can mean from 1 to 5 grams, depending how big your teaspoon is.

Reinhold from has developed some very good base recipes, using only litres and grams, and especially his chart at can be extremely useful, I just find it irritating that coffee is not on top of the list of ingredients 🙂

As I want people to experiment and develop their own variations of caffenol (and share them of course), I was using teaspoon measuring, as you don’t need to have a special scale to start developing in caffenol. For medium speed film you can just use any teaspoon and the Delta Recipe and you will get a picture from the film.

But I also see that many people want to try out exactly what others have discovered, and so I have measured down the ingredients of the Delta Recipe. So from now on, I will give all the recipes in grams and litres, but will in addition keep teaspoon measures to get you developing even if you don’t have a special scale. Oh, here is the teaspoon I am using since my very first tries with caffenol, and everything from the Delta Recipe so you see how much of everything it is. My teaspoon translates to 2.5g coffee, in case that helps you.

Above you see volumes needed for 350ml of caffenol:

  • 15g instant coffee
  • 8g washing soda
  • 7g Vitamin C

So for 1l that translates into:

  • 45g Instant coffee
  • 24g Washing soda
  • 20g Vitamin C

There you have it, Delta-STD, suitable for any kind of film, gives great results with low speed (ISO 100-200) colour films, and medium speed (ISO 400) B&W films with a nice grainy look:

Rollei RPX 400 in Delta-STD

The recipes will be updated soon to include standardized weights and teaspoon measuring.

Next up is a write up of scales, so you know which kind of scale you need to buy, or might already have in your household.