Lucky SHD 100 – film can not be cheaper

I got a testbatch from MACO of Lucky SHD 100, a very popular Film used by Photography students in the UK. No wonder, this film is almost cheaper then bread. If it could be eaten, I would. If you buy a set of 10 Films, you pay about EURO 1,62 per film.

“Lucky New SHD 100, with high clarity, wide exposure latitude, and good physical characteristics, can meet various requirements such as high-temperature and high-humidity. It features processed functions of resisting adhesion and scratch, and widely used in portrait, adv, landscape, journey and art photography etc.”

I had a nice phone conversion with MACO, talking about this film and they state, that the emulsion itself is indeed very good with fine grain and good resolution, but the film base is somewhat below the standard quality and the Film is missing an anti-halo layer. However, this can be used to create creative effects if you shoot with the sun from the side or shoot directly into the sun.

Here are my examples, shot at EI 100, developed for 14 minutes in Delta-STD:

on the last two pictures you can see, what happens if you shoot directly into the sun. I quite like the effect.

Reinhold also has an article about Lucky SHD 100 in Caffenol-C-M

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